It's always an exciting adventure here at Octopus Learning, 
We invite you to join in the fun!

The Eight Arms of Octopus Learning
What we value, encourage and inspire!

1) Having respect, for all people and things.
2) Using creativity and imagination as much as possible.
3) Independence, individuality, expressing opinions and valuing the opinions of others.
4) Problem-solving and "thinking outside of the box".
5) Self guidance, the ability to conduct one's own research and draw one's own conclusions.
6) Knowledge-sharing (mentoring and learning from others).
7) Skill diversity, literacy and math skills.
8) Group collaboration. and cooperation.

And, of course...a love of all things science!

Cynthia Lane

"Right now I am living my dream! To those of you who have been part of it so far, I thank you immensely for your support. You are some of the most amazing people I have met! Those of you who are just joining us, I welcome you warmly and I am looking forward to an amazing adventure with all of you this year!"

Instructor Cynthia Lane has over 20 years experience delivering exciting, quality children's programs in classrooms, museums and community centers across Vancouver Island.

All programs are one of a kind with content and curriculum designed by Cynthia and are delivered in a fun, engaging and patient manner.

Cynthia specializes in Earth Science, Paleontology, Marine Biology and sparking a passion  for science in children!