Quotes I have been doing science with Cynthia for three years now, and have loved every minute of it! :) Cynthia is a great teacher who always manages to make something that would ordinarily seem boring fun! I love my science class, the other girls are great and we always have a good time. Quotes

Quotes Let's make one thing clear, I LOVE THIS CLASS! I'm 15 and hated science after a really bad online course and then I started with Cynthia and loved science again. It's wonderful and Cynthia is awesome and funny and a great teacher! I've made a lot of new friends here and I love to come. Quotes
awsomeness is called octupus learning/Cynthia Lane

Quotes This is the best class ever its so fun and you learn alot. Way better than in school where you look in a text book or online. Its hands on learning and is awesome. Thanks Cynthia your awesome Quotes

Quotes I love Cynthia's classes! She teaches us so much while making it fun. We learn way ahead of what we are learning at school which gives us a huge advantage for later on. There is now way I am ever quitting science. Quotes
A kid that thinks Cynthia is awesome

Quotes I have learned so much in this class, We do lots of fun things, like experiments and field trips! I used to not like science, but thanks to Cynthia, I now do. Three cheers for Octopus Learning!! Quotes
Mr. L Eemint (Chloe)
Mr. L Eemint