Program type: Indoor/outdoor

Join Octopus Learning for 8 weeks of outdoor exploration, observation, fun and indoor activities! 

The main focus of this program will be to observe and understand the seasonal changes in our environment and recognize natural patterns. Students will spend a portion of each class learning indoors with exciting, hands-on activities and then take a short walk to observe the changes happening each week. They will be encouraged to record the changes in the plants, animals, water and ground through writing descriptions or drawing pictures.

Week 1: The Sun, Earth and Moon

Week 2: Seasons, day, night and tides

Week 3: The Water Cycle

Week 4: Erosion

Week 5: Weather 

Week 6: Climate and Biomes

Week 7: Animal Life Cycles

Week 8: Plant Life Cycles

Ages 8+Mondays, 2pm-5pm

September 17th to November 12th, 2018

8 week session/ $200