Join Octopus Learning for 8 weeks of advanced science learning! 

This program is the perfect follow up to our "World Under a Microscope" classes from last session, or a great place to start for students with no microscopy experience! 

Using a microscope with up to 2000X magnification, capable of taking pictures and videos and of being hooked up to our giant monitor, students will be thrilled to investigate  the amazing world of microscopic life! A portion of each class will be spent outdoors, collecting samples for study and participants will learn appropriate slide mounting techniques for each type of specimen. 

Week 1: Pond Water

Week 2: Sea Water

Week 3: Freshwater Algae

Week 4: Marine Algae and Seaweeds

Week 5: Plants

Week 6: Insects

Week 7: Fungi

Week 8: Aquatic Invertebrate Egg Development

Fridays, 1pm-4pm
Ages 9+ 

April 20th to June 8th, 2018

8 week session/ $160