Discover the wonders of the natural world with Octopus Learning!

This year we will be offering some fabulous, 6-week programs focusing on nature discovery! This will include indoor and outdoor studies, nature walks, art projects, research, photography, observation, lots of hands-on activities and some written and oral presentations!  From the Earth's interior to outer space and all living things, students will love the content of this engaging program and will have unique opportunities for up-close study of animals, fossils, rocks, minerals and seashells!


Session #1: Structure of the Earth 

Week 1: Structure of the Earth, the Earth's interior and plate tectonics

Week 2: The Rock Cycle and igneous rocks

Week 3: Weathering, soil and  sedimentary rocks 

Week 4: Metamorphic rocks 

Week 5: Geologic time and paleontology

Week 6: Groundwater, streams, glaciers and gold!

Ages 8+
Thursdays, 10am to 2pm
September 14th to October 19th, 2017

6-week session/ $160

(8 spaces available)