Summer 2018

We offer fun and educational programs by the day or week,
Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm!

Email to register.


The day will begin with free time to build marble mazes, Kinex or gears and chain drives, model with play dough,  create art with paints, pastels and other mediums or play  table games like foozball and air hockey! Then, onto creating our silly "mad libs" story as a group, where students are asked to provide the missing nouns, adjectives and verbs, etc. 

The children will have a short snack break followed by outside playtime, as well as a lunch break later in the day. Snacks and lunches are not provided. During outside time, kids can choose to play in the backyard maze, have nerf gun battles, interact with our amphibians, hunt for treasure with our metal detector or simply wander around observing the gardens and critters in the yard! Of course, there is always the big, goofy Dozie dog to play fetch and tug of war with as well!

The rest of the day will be activities focusing on the theme of the day. Art activities, science experiments, games and lots of hands-on discovery will be included!

July 9th-13th

Monday, July 9th- Sticky Science (FULL!)

Tuesday, July 10th- Amphibians ( FULL!)

Wednesday, July 11th- Nature Scavenger Hunt (FULL!)

Thursday, July 12th- Fossils (4 spaces available)

Friday, July 13th- Nerf Battles (4  spaces available)

July 16th-20th (FULL!)

Monday, July 16th- Sea Creatures (FULL!)

Tuesday, July 17th- Earth (FULL!)

Wednesday, July 18th- Detective Science (FULL!)

Thursday, July 19th- Fairies & Dragons (FULL!)

Friday, July 20th- Ice Cream Making (FULL!)

July 23rd-27th

Monday, July 23rd- Volcanoes (FULL!)

Tuesday, July 24th- Matter (2 spaces available)

Wednesday, July 25th- Junior Artists (FULL!)

Thursday, July 26th- Reptiles (FULL!)

Friday,July 27th- Beach Exploration (FULL!)

July 30th- August 3rd

Monday, July 30th- Light & Color (FULL!)

Tuesday, July 31st- Microscopic Life (FULL!)

Wednesday, August 1st- Mammals (FULL!)

Thursday, August 2nd- Archeology (FULL!)

Friday, August 3rd- Nerf Battles (FULL!)

August 13th- 17th

Monday, August 13th- Biomes (3 spaces available)

Tuesday, August 14th- Chemical Reactions (FULL!)

Wednesday, August 15th- Bubbles (1 space available)

Thursday, August 16th- Birds (1 space available)

Friday, August 17th- Gold panning (FULL!)

August 20th- 24th (FULL!)

Monday, August 20th- Octopuses (FULL!)

Tuesday, August 21st- Metal Detecting (FULL!)

Wednesday, August 22nd- Rocks, Minerals & Crystals (FULL!)

Thursday, August 23rd- Building & Structures (FULL!)

Friday, August 24th- Ice Cream Making (FULL!)

August 27th- 31st

Monday, August 27th- Forces (FULL!)

Tuesday, August 28th- Plants (FULL!)

Wednesday, August 29th- Dinosaurs ( FULL!)

Thursday, August 30th- Cells (FULL!)

Friday, August 31st- Treasure Hunt (FULL!)

All camps run 10am to 4pm
Ages 5+
Please send along a backpack, snack, drink and lunch
$35/day or $150/week

Single Day/ $35

2 Days/ $70

3 Days/ $105

4 Days/ $140

Full Week (any combination of 5 days)/ $150

2 Full Weeks/ $300

3 Full Weeks/ $450

4 Full Weeks/ $600